Changes to Something Decent’s ICO/Airdrop Listing Procedures

This is something which has been a long time coming. As part of the ongoing rebrand at Something Decent I have decided to release the official listing guidelines for airdrops and ICOs to be listed on our website. As regulars will know, I do not allow adverts or paid articles/listings on the website and all posts are at my discretion as this is the only way to keep the site’s ethos relative (always original, never sponsored).

One thing I have noticed while posting airdrops and ICOs over the past few months is the fact that there is a lot of ambiguity with the ratings people attribute to projects, this website has been no different. Yes I have given ratings but I have never really provided the public with any sort of meaning behind the ratings, something many other websites are also guilty of.

Well, today, I am officially releasing the guidelines behind the ratings which are issued on Something Decent. From now on all airdrops and ICOs which are rated on this website will have been assessed according to the PDF which is accessible on the link at the bottom of this post.

My reason for posting the list of guidelines and making them publicly accessible is in an attempt to encourage project managers and promoters to reach out with their ICO/airdrop if it meets the minimum requirements for listing. I am also posting it in the name of transparency as it provides the general public with more information regarding the rating a project has been assigned.

As the rebrand for Something Decent continues I will be providing more facilities for project managers and promoters to use in order to list projects on the website, and to protect the interest of the Something Decent readers.


Read our official airdrop & ICO listing requirements and guidelines