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SingularityNET and Domino’s Pizza Enter Strategic Partnership

On Wednesday the 1st of May 2019, blockchain startup, SingularityNET, announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with pizza delivery giant, Domino’s Pizza. They did so in a blog post which stated that the two companies have joined forces in Malaysia and Singapore. The nature of the partnership is one which allows the global king of pizza delivery to access the AGI ecosystem in order to improve both their pizza delivery operations and supply chain.

This marks a significant step towards mainstream adoption for the Ethereum based blockchain solution as Domino’s is a company which needs no introduction and, within the Singapore & Malaysia regions, has been rapidly expanding its presence, currently boasting over 260 stores and employ over 4,000 people.

What Will SingularityNET Provide?

Simply put, access to their decentralised community and pool of renowned AI researchers. By utilising the AGI ecosystem Domino’s hopes it will be able to streamline their resource intensive operations through the use of SingularityNET’s developing community, who would then be rewarded with AGI tokens.

At present the technological department within the Domino’s brand are working on transforming various aspects of their service via their increasing use of automation. In the official blog post from SingularityNET the CEO of Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore is quoted with the following:

“Our newest transformation effort is occurring in our Operations function, where we are automating significant portions of our delivery operations and consolidating our operations centres. SingularityNET’s AI algorithms and services will allow us to explore these efficiencies at scale”

As SingularityNET are one of the more prominent blockchain solutions within the AI industry, the partnership should seem to be a no-brainer and, one would hope, should provide some innovation advancements as it continues.

How Will it Work?

On the SingularityNET platform, Domino’s will be able to specify their needs to the current community of AGI developers, whatever they may be. As a result a global pool of experienced developers will be able to assess their suitability to a task, and then discuss, collaborate and work on finding the most suitable way to satisfy the requirements of Domino’s.

Developers, which are active in the process of finding a solution to the requirements posted by Domino’s, will then be able to collect their payment, as promised, in the form of AGI tokens. All of this will be recorded in a publicly verifiable and immutable ledger on the Ethereum blockchain.

By completing this strategic partnership, and on boarding such a globally renowned brand, the SingularityNET team are hoping to accelerate adoption of their ecosystem and create a snowball effect which leads to more news in the same light.

Love, peace and happiness.

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