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Satoshi’s Treasure: Key #6, The Earth Key, & Key #7, The Audubon Key, Released

I might be a bit late on these two, although it does appear both keys are still unsolved (as of 24th May 2019). The real world Bitcoin treasure hunt, Satoshi’s Treasure, continues to tick along and treasure hunters have successfully located one of three keys associated with key #5, The Hunted Key.

However, the two bonus keys which remain unfound have been retired and two new keys have been released. They are Key #6: The Earth Key and Key #7: The Audubon Key.

So far it would seem that people are struggling to correlate the clues and connect the dots. Below I have listed the clues listed on the Satoshi’s Treasure website, as well as my attempts at searching for the Audubon key.

Possible spoilers beyond this point

Key #6: The Earth Key

Clues for The Earth key seem pretty ambiguous if I am honest. But that could just be down to the fact that I am an idiot.

The official clue which is posted on a click titled “Breakbeats on the Beach” states the following:

“The last key was a bit of a trek for some Hunters, but your help was greatly appreciated. Maybe now it’s time to kick back with some tunes and relax a bit. The world is heating up all over, and it might be time for some beach time with blue skies. That said, a Hunter is always hunting…”

As you can see there isn’t much to be given away on this one. Maybe it is referring to Hunters Beach – found by searching on Google – But it could literally be anything.

Key #7: The Audubon Key

This one seems to have a bit more depth about the clue offered. The actual clue is a story which describes birds having pieces of a puzzle. It also has mentions of the sky and jungle. The jungle could be referring to Amazon and the birds are, in my opinion, referring to Twitter.

Specifically I think they are referring to a Twitter list which contains random accounts which have only ever tweeted once. All their profile pictures contain a jigsaw piece which, when combined, make the picture below:

satoshi treasure audubon key

Within the story posted as a clue there are numerous hashes mentioned. These hashes are mentioned within Tweets from people within the aforementioned list, further making me believe I am right about its significance.

To view the list you can visit the following link:

I have taken the time to go through all Twitter accounts on the list and noted the hex codes they have tweeted. They are listed in chronological order:

7C2BAC1D 1CC28A903 2AC30BE38 52726803C BF1D1DF06 C2D2850F2 14AF795748 17A9890B05 1662E06E20 16745C4AC8 21094DA0BA 5EF2C378CE 5875BBE0E 44EB750F25 157DD50A06 65973D9530 9FB7E3E4FC 7ABD23E5D3 DF541EE218 2E6BA45A58 7E2701D11E 823C06C520 7B88F5EF55 113E02222C9 53E32A9CCA A752CF21D8 15B2C475C6A 12724D06A0E 1619F8D755A 221C16920D0 6AD468B480 247A94DC38 B42107937E 6D1AC74CF0 2D664D312A8 9CD9383ED6 1D09B515179 359F562F500 17047AC9970 3750CBEF581 3B27CE0CDA3 23F395D1220 7B49565700 33D1E9B5BA5 1FAF56F5C3B 3BFCC53FE40

The story can be read on the following link: (It is quite a long one so I thought best to just link it)

Random Clue

While continuing to look I found that there is a page on Satoshi’s Treasure site which is titled “quickbrownfox”.

The page is encrypted and I am not sure which key this is related to. However, the fact it is named after the quick brown fox pangram and the clue mentions getting “hunger pangs” – quite an unlikely typo – makes me think it relates to key #7, The Audubon Key.

You can visit the page on the following link:


After conversing with Eviscer8 on Twitter it turns out that this page is, in fact, for The Earth Key. To follow them please visit the following link:

**EDIT 2**

Since the last time I edited this article Eviscer8 has been continuing to pass on information and so far has informed me that the password to the quickbrownfox page is: It is not necessary 2 understand music, it is only necessary that 1 enjoy it.

When you enter that page you will be confronted with a further clue that includes a short paragraph and a downloadable image. I am stumped as of yet but will continue to update this post.

Love, peace and happiness.