the hunted key

Satoshi’s Treasure: Key #5, The Hunted, Released

Yesterday, April 28th 2019, the hunt for $1 million USD in Bitcoin continued, with the release of clues to find the 5th key – The Hunted. Those who have been following will know that I am referring to the Satoshi’s Treasure hunt game which started on April 14th via a cryptic message from the Blockstream Satellite.

Since it started there have been four keys (out of 1000) released, and found, which will eventually lead to the release of a wallet with $1 million USD in Bitcoin. The latest key appears to be one which will be significantly harder to find and has ‘treasure hunters’ racking their brains to solve the puzzle presented by the clues provided.

What Are The Clues?

So far the clues which are present come in the form of mocked up ‘wanted’ bulletin notices, delivered as online images (see below). The bulletin notices have an item, which needs to be ‘delivered’ to the person pictured, listed on them.

So far, I am unable to identify the people within the pictures through my own ignorance although some people have theorised that at least one has something to do with a Cyber Punk story. After Googling the wording of the two items written in English I have found that “Burning Chrome” and “Ornament of Abhidharma” are both books, although I could personally be way off the mark.

After seeing that they were books the obvious thing to do was Google the author but, alas, it would appear that neither of the two authors are pictured within the clues given. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Reddit user, MysticMarduk, has theorised that one of the clues may be found in the Denver Starfest convention which is currently ongoing but, after checking the list of speakers, I could not find any evidence to support this. Many people are suggesting that these are the first keys which will only be found by one person and will need to be physically acquired so, I guess, it is going to be a harder to solve puzzle this time round.

the hunted key

Included Clue?

The images are hosted on a page with the following text, which could be a clue in itself:

“Sometimes in the course of a hunt you may be called on to do a favor for the vast and mostly unseen group of people who’re tasked with making sure this and future Hunts are run without any issues. In this case, three members of the Organization are in need of specific objects to complete a task, the nature of which you don’t need to concern yourselves with. Hunters are expected to be able to find anything anywhere, so we assume you’ll be able to find our field agents with a simple photograph. If that’s not enough, maybe you aren’t cut out for the Hunt!

Field agents are a rule-bound bunch, however, so please make sure to observe protocol down to the letter. When you have located the Field Agent, approach them and ask /Excuse me, were you looking for this?/ and offer the object with both hands. The Field Agent will reward you with a unique Hunt key for your troubles. Do not attempt to speak to or interact with the Field Agent in any other way. If you approach someone and ask them the Question and they don’t seem to know what you are talking about, you can be confident that you have the wrong person. Apologize, and continue to search for your target.”

Love, peace and happiness.