Sapien Have Released their Beta Social Network

It may well seem like an age since I posted an article which introduced the blockchain based social network, Sapien, to everybody who reads this website. At the time of posting the introductory article the Sapien network was little more than an idea being put through the paces by an alpha testing team in order to conduct a fund raising ICO event.

Since that post there has been a huge amount of progress from the team behind Sapien and I am happy to report to you all that they have successfully managed to release a public beta of their blockchain based social network.

The release of their public beta comes off the back of a number of great achievements for the team behind Sapien, including receiving enough funding from a private investor to warrant cancelling their public ICO, and conducting a successful closed beta test of their network among those who managed to invest in the company’s pre ICO.

The news of the public beta of the Sapien social network comes off the back of the unlocking of the cryptocurrency which is native to it, SPN, and the announcement of the team releasing their mobile application for Android based devices.

Sapien’s social network is one which is set to provide its users with more functionality than a traditional one, such as Facebook, by offering incentivising features which include the ability to stake a user’s SPN tokens from within the network’s interface.

It is also set to provide users with an added layer of security and privacy through the intuitive layout which allows users to easily switch between private browsing and public browsing. After the recent Cambridge Analytica debacle I personally envisage the privacy feature of the Sapien network to become one of its most desirable features as it means that users can access all the traditional functions of a social network without sacrificing their data to advertisers.

After reading all of this you are probably wondering where you can get SPN tokens and how you can give their social network a try, so I have included a couple useful links below.


Join the Sapien social network
Buy SPN on ForkDelta

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