samsung galaxy s10 cryptocurrency wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Appears to Have Inbuilt Blockchain Wallet

Rumours regarding the features of the next generation of mobile phones always seem to include some form of cryptocurrency or blockchain enabled features nowadays. Well, apparently, those rumours would be true if they are about the next Samsung phone to be released: the Samsung Galaxy S10.

For the past couple of years Samsung has been said to be including a cryptocurrency wallet in their phones with nothing ever coming from the rumour. The latest leak from the Korean based tech firm has managed to add some excitement to the blockchain/cryptocurrency communities as it appears that the rumours may actually be true this time.

The tweet embedded below is from one @VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter and it appears to show the next Samsung Galaxy S10 with a screen that simply reads ‘Blockchain Keystore’. It also shows a follow-up screen which displays what looks like a screen to setup a new wallet, followed by a (pretty bare) list of supported cryptocurrencies (Ethereum).

Obviously it is entirely possible that the pictures have been spoofed by the posting account so we will have to sadly wait for an official announcement to get the all important confirmation.