Quantstamp set to Audit and Advise Wanchain

After what must seem like a bucket load of rumours cropping up over the past couple of weeks, the Quantstamp team have finally chimed in to the Wanchain partnership debate and confirmed the news which the QSP supporting community will, no doubt, have been waiting for: Quantstamp is officially partnering their services with blockchain giant, Wanchain.

The formal partnership between the two companies represents what I personally think will be the overall catalyst to bring blockchain technology to the forefront of society: collaboration.

As the Wanchain platform is one which intend’s to provide the finance industry with a cross chain smart contract platform the security of their contracts is going to be one of, if not, the main facet of their platform which will make of break the company.

After Quantstamp’s successful auditing of ERC20 tokens on the Binance exchange (prompted by the recent unsigned integer overflow attack on Smart Cash), it is no surprise to see the blockchain based automated auditing platform is rapidly rising in popularity, but how exactly are they going to help Wanchain?

Well, this is pretty simple, as you would expect, the people at Wanchain would like to enlist the Quantstamp team to provide them with essential auditing services and leadership recommendations for the impending Wanchain 2.0 release. This means that the people at Wanchain will are set to be enlisted to ensure that the next release of the Wanchain platform is as secure as possible – quite a task.

While they are being enlisted to secure the actual overall Wanchain platform, that is not where the Quantstamp partnership will stop. They are also being enlisted to assist with assessing and auditing the security of the entire Wanchain ecosystem by applying their services to smart contracts which are to be launched in the Wanchain accelerator program. Again, this is something which will drastically improve the time in which it takes for Wanchain to take a project from idea to development and release.

There you have it, all aboard the collaboration station! Personally, not just as someone who really likes the idea of Quantstamp, I am ecstatic to see this partnership as it represents the advancement of blockchain as a whole. The more partnerships we form, the closer we come to mass adoption. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor by an individual.


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