Presearch Have Acquired 1m Users & Released Plugins for Most Browsers

Many of you may recall my post about the Presearch airdrop, which I posted in July 2018. Since they hosted their airdrop, the Presearch team have been working behind the scenes to realise their goal of “changing people’s search habits”. Since their inception the platform has managed to acquire ~1 million users (by their count) and have been gaining press from some pretty reputable sources.

With all the positive press, and such a large uptake in unique (possibly – some may have multiple accounts) users, I thought I would take a minute to bring you all up to speed with the project, and their progress so far.

A Brief Background

Before getting into the goals and achievements of Presearch, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know a small bit about the company itself. It was started by Colin Pape – co-founder of – after he was incensed by Google’s actions which lead him to believe that they were copying his ideas. In fact, a quick browse of the ShopCity website will instantly show you that the two companies are most definitely linked – both sites have a similar design.

The overall goal with the release of Presearch was to use the decentralised nature of the Ethereum blockchain to change the way the web is used by the public. They wish to make a free and private alternative to the Google search engine, which rewards users with PRE tokens for using it.

What Have They Done Since Release?

Since release, the Presearch team have released plugins for the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Brave and Firefox) which allows users to use their search and reward system from the browser’s address bar. They have also enabled their planned rewards system, which will give users PRE tokens for each search they make.

One important thing to note is the fact that the Presearch plugin will actually still allow you to search via Google, it will simply go through their plugin first. When you are on the plugin homepage you will have the option to choose your preferred search engine. While the plugin states they aim to add privacy to the search experience, if I am honest, I fail to see how. When you make a search through their plugin using Google the results page will be no different to if you never used it. By which I mean any logged in account will still be logged in.

The company has also managed to conduct a successful ICO which raised over $12 million USD. This is something which can be touted as a success although they are still selling tokens on their website. This is in order to allow people to buy ads on their platform. Saying that, their website is selling tokens for $0.075 USD while it is valued at $0.04 USD on exchanges, go figure.

What is the PRE Token?

The PRE token is one which is listed on and the tokens which are earned through searching are able to be withdrawn to an Ethereum wallet. Albeit after a user has acquire 1000 of them. When you signup to use Presearch you will be rewarded with an initial 25 tokens, after the initial signup bonus you will be rewarded with 0.25 tokens for each search you make. This, however, is limited to 8 tokens per day.

This meant that, if you only wish to use free tokens, the earliest you will be able to withdraw your tokens is after 122 days. At present the PRE token is worth $0.04 USD this means that a user will earn roughly $40 every 122 days, or just under $120 USD per year. Not bad for something you would be doing anyway.

As mentioned, you can buy the tokens on their website although you would be better off doing so via an exchange due to the price difference and the fact that you have to buy at least 1000 of them through their marketplace.

To signup to the Presearch system you can visit or use our link below (we will get a commission if you do).

Love, peace and happiness.

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