Airdrop Alert: Get 25 PRE Tokens for a Quick Signup


Newly formed online search engine providers, Presearch, are currently seeking to increase awareness of their platform by conducting a free cryptocurrency airdrop of their PRE token. They are offering 25 tokens to anybody who joins their platform, plus an extra .25 tokens each time you use them to make an online search.

Mandatory Requirements

In order to join the Presearch airdrop you simply need to signup to their web platform, as mentioned. In order to do so you simply need an email address. Once you have signed up you will need to confirm your account and then you will be able to see your 25 PRE tokens in your user dashboard.

Optional Extras

Presearch are offering two more chance for users to earn some extra cryptocurrency. One of them is by simply using their search platform. Each time you make a search you will be rewarded with .25 PRE tokens, which will automatically be added to your balance which is in your account dashboard.

The other option to earn more tokens is through their referral program. Their referral program will reward you with 25 PRE tokens for each person you refer after they have conducted 400 searches and been a member of the platform for 60 days or longer. While this is quite a long winded referral program I can see the point of it – they wish to acquire long term users of their platform.

About Presearch

As mentioned, the Presearch company is one which wishes to revolutionise the online searching industry by providing users with a platform which does not track them through their entire online experience and then sell their data to advertisers for a profit. The Presearch product is also one which aims to reward users for using their system, something which would interest a lot people.

The Presearch system is a very well made one which allows users to search the web using a number of third party search engines (Google is one), as well as providing the functionality for users to easily restrict their searches to website such as Amazon or Netflix. Personally I like the overall look and working of the platform and do recommend people try it out instead of just claiming the airdrop and leaving.

As always, I have no way of knowing the value of the airdrop but signup is easy.


Join the Presearch airdrop

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