Current Media Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Current Media (CRNC)

Join the Current Media airdrop with your Ethereum wallet and you will receive 5 CRNC tokens for each of your friend that you refer. Again this can be a very rewarding airdrop if you can get your free crypto distributed to your friends! What's more is they will also be...
ICT Chain

Airdrop Alert: ICT Chain (ICT) (CLOSED)

I won't lie, this is an airdrop I am quite dubious of due to the absolute lack of any information about the company whatsoever and due to the serious inactivity on Twitter, but hey, they aren't asking for anything other than your wallet public address so what is the worst...
Yee Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Yee Token (YEE) (CLOSED)

The Yee Foundation have announced that they are currently conducting an airdrop for users of Telegram. To get a free helping of their ERC20 tokens you simply need to fill in a few details on their website and then interact with their Telegram bot. Currently you will get 10 free...
SGPay Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: SG Pay (SGP) (CLOSED)

South East Asian payment solution provider SG Pay have announced that they are conducting an airdrop of their own via their Telegram channel and bot. The first 10,000 people who interact with their Telegram bot will be rewarded with a (currently unknown) number of SGP tokens, which are set to...
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