Kraken to List Cardano and Quantum

As you can probably decipher from the title of this post, Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Kraken, have officially announced that they will be listing both the Cardano (ADA) and Quantum (QTUM) cryptocurrencies on Friday 28th September 2018.

Both of the mentioned listings are due to go live simultaneously at 1pm UTC on the 28th September 2018 and the following trading pairs will be available for each coin: USD, EUR, CAD, XBT (BTC) and ETH.

In order to deposit either coin you will be required to have an account on the Kraken exchange and then navigate yourself over to Funding > Deposit > Cardano/Quantum. Deposits made for Cardano will require 15 confirmations while Quantum deposits will require 30.

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is an open source public blockchain powered by its ADA cryptocurrency. The platform aims to bring secure smart contracts which deliver more functionality that any other protocol to the sector. It is the first blockchain project to be developed using a scientific philosophy and with a research first approach to development. It is developed by a large global collective of engineers and researchers.

Since its inception the ADA coin has seen prices soar as high as $1.32 and as low as $0.0177. Currently it is trading at ~$0.08.

Visit the Cardano website

What is Quantum?

Quantum is also a decentralised and open source blockchain project. It is powered by its QTUM cryptocurrency coin and seeks to provide greater flexibility than other blockchain based projects by using a multi layered system which implements features of both the Ethereum and original Bitcoin blockchains. It also provides a smart contract system and aims to use a proven proof of stake mining protocol.

Since its inception the QTUM coin has seen prices soar as high as $106.33 and dip as low as $3.09. It is currently being traded at roughly ~$3.61.

Visit the Quantum website


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