Introducing Triwer: Revolutionising the Parcel Delivery Industry

Have you ever ordered something online and been given a vague estimation of its delivery time, which forces you to stay home from work for an entire day, just for the parcel to not be delivered? I know I have. I’ve also been victim to the old “stay home until 6pm” for the parcel to not arrive, go out at 6:30pm, and then return at 7:30pm to witness a note which reads “sorry to have missed you”, and is timestamped 6:45pm.

On top of being frustrating, and a waste of your time, scenarios like the ones above also cost you money for the obvious reason of not being able to work while you stay home to wait for your parcel to be delivered. Even more frustrating still is the fact that 9 times out of ten the courier’s only response is some variation of “are you home from 9am to 6pm tomorrow?” or “would you like to cancel your order?”, neither of which are desirable scenarios.

While services such as Amazon Prime do offer a greatly improved accuracy rate regarding deliveries they still rely on third party delivery drivers which can miss their targets and fail to provide precise delivery windows. This is an area of the e-commerce industry which I believe needs to be addressed and brought into the 21st century.

Enter Triwer

Regular readers of this website may already have an idea of what Triwer are about from our airdrop alert released a short while back, however, for those who missed the airdrop, let me explain. Triwer are a EU based logistics company who aim to revolutionise the e-commerce sector via the integration of blockchain technology into their parcel delivery ecosystem.

By connecting the metaphorical dots between couriers, customers, retailers and manufacturers Triwer are aiming to not only improve the accuracy and flexibility of delivery windows, but to also lower the cost of getting your parcel delivered, and reduce the carbon footprint which is left behind as a result of half empty vans & trucks being sent out to deliver.

While drastically improving the service offered by the parcel delivery industry is a huge task in itself, that is not where Triwer aim to stop. The company are also aiming to improve the security of the industry by increasing transparency and recording all transactions in their ecosystem on the decentralised Ethereum blockchain.

Integrating their Ethereum based smart contract into their mobile app the Triwer ecosystem will allow all participants in a transaction to verify all information at any point, and customers will be able to track their delivery in an Uber-esque fashion, right to the last mile.

As briefly mentioned, Triwer are taking the environment as a serious consideration when developing their project and aim to positively impact the environment through a number of methods. One of which is their integration with, PickPack, which assist’s Triwer with eliminating the need for traditional paper invoices.

Another eco-friendly aspect of the Triwer company is their initiative to persuade currently operating delivery drivers to jump on board with their program which will aim to ensure the space on their vehicle is utilised as efficiently as possible. As an added security for drivers and customers, all the parcels which are passed through the Triwer ecosystem will be 100% insured by Triwer.

The Triwer Token

As you might well expect, the Triwer token is to be used within the Triwer ecosystem and app. By holding Triwer tokens a user will be entitled to a discount on the service they are provided by a driver who is integrated in the Triwer ecosystem.

Unlike many ICOs Triwer is an existing company which already has a fully working product, boasts a business model which has been through a legal and peer review, and is entirely compliant with the impending EU data protection directive.

Their tokensale is due to start on May 15th 2018, has a soft cap of $5 million and a hard cap of $25 million. Tokens will be priced at $0.08 each and there will be a 25% – 15% bonus for those who enter the token sale early. I feel it is important to note that their ‘seed round’ met its goal of $200,000, taking roughly 370 Ethereum tokens. Find more information on the links below.

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