Introducing SuchApp: Securing Social Media Messaging on the Blockchain

Regulars to this site will no doubt remember my article which highlighted the need for a blockchain based social networking app which could possibly replace the infamous Facebook and, while I admit I won’t have changed the world with that article, I think it is fair to say that, since the Facebook hack which prompted it, people have been becoming considerably more aware of the identity footprint they are leaving all over the glorious marvel I call the interwebs.

Since the all encompassing data leak the social network Goliath has seen substantial amounts of money wiped away from its value ($7 billion down at one point) and has also seen a somewhat mass exodus of users who do not like the idea that they are being played like a fiddle by advertising agencies who, in turn, are actually making money from the data they’re stealing.

If you read the article I linked above, and remember rightly, I personally believe that the Facebook hack which has lead to much uproar (and rightly so) is pointing to a need for a decentralised social network which allows users to keep their personal info, well, personal.

So many people often ask me why I do not have any social accounts, which aren’t for business, and the truth is, as far fetched as it may sound, subconscious brainwashing resulting from the leaking of personal data to advertising agencies et al. While we may not realise it, people are constantly being bombarded with highly stimulating adverts which all combine to affect every aspect of our mood.

Whether it is the newest shooter or a game of retro Fifa 97 on the Sega Megadrive that you inexplicably cant stop thinking about, chances are the reason you are having these urges is actually highly targeted advertising. Obviously I am not saying every urge you have is a result of advertising, simply the material urges.

At the end of the day we are all human and, while we may all be unique in regards to our personality and individual nuances, we are all very easily manipulated – if we see something being enjoyed by enough people chances are your average person will want to ‘see what all the fuss is about’ and join in – and it is this fact which makes the current status quo so dangerous.

With the current, traditional, social networks advertising agencies are able to buy your personal data off the network host and then begin profiling you as a target of their advertising. This enables them to tailor their adverts to fit your exact desires, and capitalise on any emotional vulnerabilities, in an attempt to convince you that their product/candidate/project/opinion is perfect for you. Essentially brainwashing you into buying into their philosophy.

SuchApp to the Rescue!

This is where SuchApp comes into play. While it may not be a social network in the traditional sense of the term – it is being marketed as a hybrid social network and messaging dApp – it provides all the essential features of one while adding numerous functions which, in my opinion, carry more use and value than the ability to tell the world you’re having legs day today, or that the bowel movement you just attempted didn’t go so well.

The SuchApp ecosystem is focused around their decentralised application which enables users to use the blockchain technology to communicate with each other. The nature of blockchain tech, as mentioned a number of times throughout this website, makes the data which is used by SuchApp only accessible to the person who owns it (the user) and the people they allow to access it, providing the much needed privacy which is lacking from today’s social networks.

Another benefit of being hosted on the Ethereum blockchain is the fact that the app will automatically have functionality for other ERC20 based tokens, meaning the owner of any private group in the system can allow the group’s members to transfer digital currency between each other seamlessly for whichever reason they feel the need to.

While the transfer of funds is a neat and tidy little feature it doesn’t mean much to your average person who is a Facebook devotee, let me get back to the features that will, in my opinion, lead to the death of traditional social networks.

When you break it down to laymen’s terms the main reason social networks became so popular was the fact they enabled people around the world to reconnect with long lost friends, relatives, colleagues, dogs, cats, frying pans and all the rest of it, while actually being able to meet new people who shared similar interests. This is something which is not forgotten by SuchApp.

Their prospective radar system is a feature which I find pretty interesting and their use case is a great example of its use. The app will scan the area around you, using GPS, and attempt to locate people with similar interests in the same area as you, meaning people who go on a year long travel can find those with like minds who are nearby and connect, all while being able to keep in contact with their loved ones back home.

As mentioned, connecting with loved ones was always one of the main reasons Facebook et al have done so well, well, what if I told you that SuchApp plans to implement a 4k live video calling feature into their app? What if I told you they are also implementing group video chat?

This is another interesting feature in my opinion as it means you could be travelling India while your sister is in Brazil and your mother is in England, and the three of you could easily have a meaningful conversation, while having the comfort of hearing the voices and seeing the faces of your loved ones, no matter where you are.

To add to its unique social features, the app will, as mentioned, also incorporate the use of cryptocurrencies and a digital wallet system, which opens up a whole new world for companies to conduct brand loyalty programs in, as well as empower users to be able to send gifts, pay back their mates for the beers the night prior, and help out their struggling sister who just had her bag nicked while she was travelling Brazil.

How can you be a part of SuchApp?

As we speak the SuchApp team are preparing to being their public ICO which will see them attempt to raise a maximum (hard cap) of $40,000,000 USD in return for 1,250,000,000 SP tokens. However, if you are short on crypto and still want to get in on this – maybe you have never bought crypto before but would like to get in the SuchApp ecosystem – you can still enter their bounty program, so fear not.

If you are someone who has literally just entered into crypto the bounty would be your best bet as it allows you to earn SP tokens for completing social media tasks, such as sharing a post on Facebook, and costs you absolutely nothing in terms of money while actually helping the project to succeed (win, win). If that is the case I have added a link to go straight to the SucApp bounty program, with all the other links, below. Just simply click it and follow the instructions.

Go to SuchApp website
Join SuchApp bounty
Read SuchApp whitepaper
Enter SuchApp ICO

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them