Introducing Shivom: The Next Leap in DNA Data Analysis

After reading the above title you’d be excused for thinking that this post is about a company which is attempting to use blockchain technology to create some form of real-world super humans akin to the X-Men. Let me reassure you of the fact that the aforementioned isn’t the case, as far as i am aware, anyway.

While they may not be attempting to genetically alter the composition of human beings around the globe, in pursuit of creating an aggressive bloke with an adamantium alloy bonded skeleton, what Shivom are attempting to accomplish is still something which should be considered to be groundbreaking and, should they succeed, it could well impact the global medicinal science industry.

Some of you may already be aware of the fact that DNA, specifically human, contain’s unfathomably large numbers of cells which all contain data, which could possibly possess a key to a sequence which scientists are trying to unlock. The way in which we ensure that a possible gem isn’t skipped is simple: analyse everything!

That’s right, every little cell, for every sample of DNA, has to be analysed and the resulting data recorded and this takes time, money and, most of all, computing power. The latter of resources listed is quite possibly the most important which is why you will find a correlation between advancement in medical science and advancement of technology which improves computational power.

Taking the consideration of computational power in account it makes perfect sense for data intense operations, which need to be secure, to be hosted on a blockchain. As anyone who has done a bit of research about blockchain technology will know, two of its key benefits are its incorruptible nature and its ability to combine the computational power of a large number of machines.

Enter Shivom

After reading above you may be aware of the fact that Shivom is a blockchain based company which aims to revolutionise the DNA data industry but I haven’t really gone into any sort of detail as to how they propose they will aid the advancements of it. So, while I may not be any sort of biological scientist, I will do my utmost to explain what Shivom plan to achieve, in layman’s terms.

According to the human being is recorded to have roughly 3 billion base pairs – a base pair can be thought of as one of many building blocks of DNA – each of which would ideally be analysed for flags which, could indicate a genetic disease or personality trait, or, even, an unknown unknown (something which we are so oblivious to we don’t even know of its existence yet).

The obvious conclusion to draw from that is the fact that if scientists are able to analyse a greater pool of data in a shorter period of time, they will be able to more accurately predict whether or not a newborn baby is likely to develop diabetes. Whether, or not, there are any genetic markers which are indicative of a human being’s susceptibility to cancer, whether there are genetic markers which indicate a protein management system to eliminate male baldness. The possibilities are unfathomable.

The way in which Shivom are attempting to advance this industry is, as explained vaguely above, by introducing a blockchain based ecosystem which allows existing genome-related data silos to interact with each other. By allowing existing data silos to seamlessly interact they will prevent double analysis of data and aid the ability of researchers to connect the metaphorical dots of exclusive studies which may not have been considered to be related but actually are.

Another important factor of the Shivom ecosystem is its community. They are planning for what could end up being the largest medical market research campaign ever conducted (obviously depending on the number of people who interact with their ecosystem). By allowing users to upload their own DNA genome report to the Shivom dApp for analysis they are basically paving the way for anybody who has a mobile phone to add to the shared database, each upload acting as a validator for data which is already considered to be true.

As a means of adding incentive to participate, the Shivom model will see users who upload their data to the dApp retain the ownership of their files and receive financial reward, with the OMX token, when they are used.

Where to get OMX tokens

If you have read my, probably feeble, attempt to briefly explain the importance of the Shivom project, and DNA base pairs, and now wish to invest in their company or read more about them then you’ll pleased to know that their pre ICO is set to start on Monday the 16th of April 2018 at 1pm (GMT) and end on the 22nd of April 2018 at midnight. As for their public ICO I am not sure so I will edit this post and amend it when I find out.

I have put all the links you need for the project below so, as always, do your own research and enjoy.

Shivom website
Shivom Tokensale
Shivom Telegram
Shivom Bounty
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Shivom Twitter

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