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Introducing Sapien: Take Control of Your Social Experience

Having taken some time away from introducing you all to new crypto currencies and ICO opportunities I thought I would return with one I personally think could be a solid company should they carry out their plan.

As you may have guessed after reading the title the company I am talking about is Sapien – a social news platform which will reward content creators by issuing them cryptocurrency for their work, specifically they will reward users with SPN tokens.

You may be thinking that this all sounds a bit too good to be true but I can assure you that it is, in fact, true. The thing which makes their plan and business model possible is the fact that Sapien intend to also create an advertising platform which autonomously assess the quality of content which is posted to the network while, also, assessing the type of content which easer user is viewing the most.

To add to their autonomous content assessment model they will also add the possibility for users to ‘tip’ the creators of the content which they like the most. By allowing users to tip content creators with SPN tokens they are taking away the dependency of content creators to the advertisers. From my understanding of their business model the tipping system will be not too dissimilar to that of the Facebook ‘like’ system which we all know of.

Another aspect of the Sapien platform which I think is a pertinent point worth mentioning is the fact that they will be using blockchain technology to provide secure encryption and protection of personal data for all users. Their current model will see users being able to effortlessly switch between public and private usage of the platform – something which current social networks do not offer.

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As a way of adding value to their tokens, and a use for them, the Sapien network also aims to create a marketplace where users can buy physical and digital goods. By providing a platform for users to actually materialise their rewards I can see the SPN tokens getting some real value, thus adding value to the overall network and project.

When you combine all the aforementioned facets of the Sapien ecosystem you start to see a platform which can protect its user’s privacy while also rewarding its content creators. You start to understand that this could become more than a social network where people give hourly updates of their gym sessions and bowel movements, this could become a reputable news channel which has the power to autonomously prevent the spreading of ‘fake news’ while simultaneously giving a voice to the worlds most unheard people.

Just ask yourself, how great would it be if the most poverty stricken people in this world have a place where they can not only voice their problems, but also get financially rewarded for doing so. If the project is handled well, this could really change the way in which we all view the world.

As a final note, the project has made its source code entirely public so that anyone and their dog can make an assessment and point out anything they find to be of concern which is always a good move as it shows that they have confidence in their project. The source code can be viewed on the Sapien official website here:

A final point which I would like to make on the project itself is the fact that they actually have a beta version of their product which can be used right now by visiting their website on the link above. The fact that they actually have a product already is something which should great confidence to anybody interested in investing.

All this information is visible in the Sapien whitepaper which can be viewed here: Sapien full whitepaper

If you would prefer a lighter version of the whitepaper then the one-pager is viewable here: Sapien one-pager

How to Buy Sapien (SPN) Tokens

So right now you may have been reading all this and thinking to yourself that you’d like to get in and buy some SPN tokens, if so, you are in luck. The Sapien Pre-ICO is currently underway and has a tiered bonus system which can see you receive up to 45% extra SPN tokens for your investment. I have made a table which breaks down the pre ICO below:

Pre-ICO End Date: 15th February 2018
Less than $10k20%
More than $10k23%
More than $50k27%
More than $100k35%
More than $250k45%

As you can see from the table above, the rewarding structure for the pre-ICO is quite generous – even if you only invest a couple hundred bucks you will be rewarded with a 20% bonus – and the fact that there is no minimum presale goal means when it closes, it closes.

The actual ICO of the project is set to run for one full month from March 3rd 2018 until April 3rd 2018 and has a hard cap of $30m USD. The minimum goal that they wish to achieve through the token sale is set at 50m SPN tokens, an amount they assure will give them enough funding to get the project moving quickly. Should Sapien fail to achieve their minimum goal they have assured they will refund all investors.

If you miss the pre-ICO and want to invest then you will still be rewarded, depending on when you invest. I have created another table to highlight the rewarding structure through the actual ICO below:

ICO Phase 1 Dates: 3rd March – 3rd April
Investment TimeBonus
Day 115%
Week 110%
Week 23%
Week 3None

Finally, the main currency which is being accepted for the Sapien ICO is Ethereum, they are going to allow BTC donations through the pairing of a BTC wallet to an Ethereum wallet but it seems like your best bet is to just send them Eth when they publish a donation address for you.

Well, there you have it, Sapien, the company which aims to reward you for your social news and content. Check all the links for them below and make sure to do your own further research before investing!

Sapien Website
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Sapien Facebook
Sapien Telegram
Sapien Reddit
Sapien Medium
Sapien Instagram
Sapien Bitcoin Talk
Sapien LinkedIn

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.