Introducing Bob’s Repair: Smart Contractors with Smart Contracts

Since getting into cryptocurrencies and blockchains many of us have had the rhetoric that “a coin must have a purpose” drilled down our necks to the point of feeling them exact words being muttered by our guts. And for good reason. I mean, what is the point in buying a cryptographic currency that is just a number on a screen? You may as well just buy some fiat cash.

Let me introduce you one of these fabled cryptocurrencies with an actual real world purpose: Bob’s Repair. We’ve all heard the stories of dodgy repairmen and builders who go into the homes of little old ladies and steal cherry bakewell’s from their Christmas hamper stash cupboard, right? No? Well, I bet you have heard of a builder not doing his job correctly and then disappearing from the face of the earth before the customer has had a chance to notice the shoddy job which has been done. We all know it happens which is why we turn to review sites in an attempt to limit the possibilities of this happening.

What if I told you that these centralised review sites are equally as corrupt as the dodgy builders themselves and that they allow local businesses, and traders, to essentially buy reviews which make them look like reputable tradesmen. You’d probably think twice before blindly trusting the top rated plumber on your preferred DIY workman platform again, if nothing else.

Enter Bob’s Repair

As with so many industries which seem to rip off the general public for financial gains, the service review sector is one which is about to be completely disrupted by blockchain technology, in my opinion, anyway. So many of you fellow cryptonians are already aware of the up front benefits of using blockchains to store data and the fact that, once data is written to the blockchain, it remains there, untampered with, for as long as the chain is live.

Newly formed crypto startup, Bob’s Repair, is attempting to bring the un-mutable benefits of the blockchain to the home repair sector and use the secure and trust-less nature of the technology to reinstall the confidence of the world into what is quite possibly one of the most corrupt sectors in existence.

While issues with the work which gets completed is one major issue facing the home repair industry the opaque nature of the pricing systems currently in place usually result in the end customer being hit with hefty fees which were not included in the original advert which was displayed to them, this is eradicated through the transparent nature of the blockchain technology.

The way in which the Bob’s Repair ecosystem will assert fair and transparent pricing is prevalent through their platform is by storing all previous jobs which have been completed by a workman on their profile, somewhat like a social network would. Interested customers can then go through the workman’s previous jobs and decide the price they think is fair and reflects the workman’s history.

You may be thinking that the voting system will be just as susceptible to fraudulent reviews, and you’d be forgiven for doing so, but let me explain how the use of the STEEM blockchain will assist to alleviate the possibility.

The STEEM blockchain requires that users upvote their preferred accounts (in the case of Bob’s Repair the account swill be workers) and, in return for the upvote, the account which is upvoted get’s paid STEEM coins. This system will allow users to vote up on the workmen which have successfully carried out tasks to their standard and link all transaction data to the two accounts, creating a sort of trade history between the two accounts. As a result of the trade history it will become easily evident which accounts have upvotes for work which hasn’t been carried out, thus lowering their trust rating.

A final aspect which I find exciting about the platform is the fact that Bob’s Repair are not going to be charging advertising fees to workmen for listing their businesses on the platform. By doing this the company will prevent any favouritism to specific workmen and will also be able to keep prices low for the consumer.

How to Get Bob’s Repair Tokens

If you have read all of that and are interested in the platform then you’ll be happy to know that you’re not too late to participate in the ICO or in the airdrop. The company have successfully completed their Pre-ICO which saw them raise just below $5 million USD and have set their public sale to go live on April 4th 2018 – just two days away!

All information you need to read before investing in listed below as well as the link you need to go to our airdrop alert page regarding Bob’s Repair. Have a read and enjoy.

Join the Bob’s Repair airdrop
Read the Bob’s Repair whitepaper
Go to the Bob’s Repair token sale
Join the Bob’s Repair Telegram

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them