Giveaway Guide: Win 1,000 ENU with Da Fing Is on Twitter (CLOSED)


That’s right, after a slight delay I am happy to release details of my latest giveaway which will see ten people all receive 1,000 ENU tokens, courtesy of Enumivo. To enter my giveaway all you have to do is follow me, retweet my post about the giveaway and join the English speaking Enumivo Telegram channel. The giveaway is live for three weeks from March 5th 2018 to March 26th 2018. Everybody is allowed to enter the competition once and the winner will be notified via their Telegram or Twitter account.

Regular readers of this website will be aware of the fact that Enumivo are a newly started cryptocurrency which is a fork of the EOS blockchain. They are currently running off the Ethereum blockchain until they release their own chain in August 2018.

The Enumivo project aims to release a UBI Dapp with their newly instilled blockchain which will allow users to receive a set amount of tokens every week for 50 years in an attempt to combat global poverty.

Enumivo is a project I personally believe in so I would expect that 1,000 token prize will be worth something substantial in the future. Anyway, signup below, all required info is in the Google document.


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