Easily Swap ERC20 ENU for Main Net ENU with the New Web Interface


The Enumivo main network blockchain has been operating smoothly for just over a month and their block producers are currently doing their job of securing the network without any notable issues reported. The next step in the path of the Enumivo project is to lift their tokens from the ERC20 wrapping of the Ethereum network and move them onto their own blockchain.

Back in June, when the main net was launched, the method for users to swap their tokens was one which could cause confusion and, as such, many people have been reluctant to take the leap of faith through fear of losing their precious ENU as a result of their own complacency.

If you are one of the many holders of the ERC20 ENU token who have been put off swapping your tokens due to the complexity of the previous system you will be pleased to know that the token swap system has been completely overhauled and is now incorporated in the Enumivo web wallet.

The new token swap system basically requires users to send their ENU to a specific Ethereum contract address and then paste the TX receipt when the transaction is confirmed. Once you have done that you will need to sign a message using the ETH address which you sent your tokens from, and then paste the response in the corresponding field on the Enumivo swap form. The message which you will need to sign will appear once you have pasted your TX hash.

After you have completed those steps you are pretty much done! You simply need to select whether or not you have already created an Enumivo main network account name/wallet key pair and then either make one from within the form or input your enumivo wallet details.

The final step which you will need to complete is to decide how much RAM you wish to buy with your account. It is recommended you buy a decent amount as you will need to have RAM to actually make transactions and, if you buy too much, you can always sell it at a later date from within the Enumivo GUI wallet.

Go to the Enumivo token swap website

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