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Enumivo Release Face ID Bounty


The issue of on chain KYC (Know Your Customer) has been a hot debated topic within the blockchain industry for some time. Many budding projects are competing to be the first to offer a complete solution to the issue of identification which utilises the immutable and secure nature of blockchains. At present we have companies such as Civic which are leading the pack, however others are nipping at their heels.

One blockchain startup which has been attempting to tackle this issue for some time is Enumivo. Enumivo is a clone of EOS blockchain which was issued via an airdrop back in February 2018 and plans to deliver a unique UBI (Universal Basic Income) dApp. In order to deliver said dApp the team behind it have been attempting to crack the unique identity issue for some time.

Previous Attempts

The Enumivo team have attempted to achieve a unique KYC method previously with, first, the Enumivo Oracle – a centralised identity platform which required all participants to submit an official government issued ID – which failed due to the the nature of its working. As it required an official government ID the data was never to be publicly verifiable thus missing the ‘trustless’ nature desired by all blockchain projects.

Their second attempt was with the Republic of Enumivo (RoE) which attempted to act as a self governing democracy. It saw its initial members hand selected by prominent members of the Enumivo community and they were then tasked with finding members who followed them. Sadly this never made it past the test phase and was disbanded on March 31st 2019.

Enumivo Face ID

Enter the Enumivo Face ID. This is Enumivo’s third and, in my opinion, best attempt at cracking the issue of on chain KYC. The system is an extremely simple one which dos not require applicants to submit any real information about themselves – all you need is a few selfies and an email – and it also allows all users to verify any prospective applications.

The way it works is by asking applicants to submit three selfies – one looking forward, one looking left, one looking right – while holding a piece of paper that has a recent blockchain on it (decided at the time of application). Once they have uploaded all three photos their application will be put in a pool of other pending applications for the currently verified members to assess.

To add to the manual verification of members the system also implements a facials recognition algorithm which highlights any potential matches and then presents them to assessors at the point of validation.

300K ENU Bounty

As a means of incentivising participation in the initial tests the Enumivo founder, Aiden Pearce, has generously put up 300k ENU tokens by the way of a bounty. In order to claim your fair share of the bounty fund all you need to do is take part in the Enumivo Face ID tests.

Users will be rewarded on a system which uses demerits. The person who gets the most demerits by May 31st 2019 will receive 20% of the bounty which the person with the least demerits receives. Users will only be issued with a demerit when they fail to act on a vote which has not reached a consensus either in favour of, or against, an application, within 3 days.

If you would like to read more about the Enumivo Face ID tests please follow the below link to the official press release.


Enumivo Face ID Press Release