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Enumivo Release Their Oracle System


You may remember an article I released some time ago which explained the proposed UBI payment system from cryptocurrency project, Enumivo. If you don’t remember, the jist of it was that they were planning on using blockchain technology to deliver a universal basic income system to all members of their community which had been verified by a unique KYC oracle system.

Since the announcement of the planned oracle system the Enumivo development team have been working away behind the scenes and, today, they proudly released their web app to the world in order to initiate the first stage of their KYC oracle system.

The oracle web app is publicly accessible to anybody who wishes to take part in the UBI payment system and simply asks that all who signup provide pictures of their passport (one as just a passport picture and one of them holding their passport) as well as basic information such as name and address.

Once you have signed up you will have a verification code, which you will need to enter in the web app after logging in, sent to your email. In the not too distant future approved oracles on the system will be able to vote on the legitimacy of new applicants, this will be the basis of the circle of trust theory – verified members will vote out the fraudulent actors.

Benefits of the Enumivo oracle system

As mentioned already within this article, one of the main benefits of the Enumivo oracle system is the fact that being verified in the system will enable you to receive UBI payments from Enumivo when they UBI payment app is released in March 2019. At present it is not exactly fully worked out how much each UBI payment will be but one thing is clear, you will need to be verified on the Enumivo oracle to receive it.

Another benefit of being a verified oracle for Enumivo is the fact that the development team plan to introduce monthly rewards to repay their oracles. Again, the exact rewards are not yet published but will be in the not too distant future.

Finally, by becoming a verified Enumivo oracle you will be able to claim a free airdrop of ENO tokens from the Eurno project. As some of you will know, I am the founder of Eurno and the project is to be released on the Enumivo network in the near future. As we have been working out a way of ensuring people only claim our airdrop once this is a perfect place to start our KYC and pick our participants from.

As you can imagine, I will keep you all fully updated with the progress of Enumivo and their oracle system. For now, you can signup on the link below.


Join the Enumivo oracle system

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