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Enumivo Have Released a 20K ENU Bounty for Using Their Oracle


The development team behind the growing blockchain project, Enumivo, have released information regarding their latest generous bounty campaign. As you may remember from my last article about the Enumivo oracle service, the Enumivo oracle is one which aims to add a layer of secure KYC to the Enumivo platform. It also aims to provide the initial pool of recipients for the Enumivo UBI payment scheme which is due in March 2019.

What is the Enumivo oracle?

Briefly put, the Enumivo oracle is an online app which aims to provide a level of identification for all users who register. When a user is verified on the oracle service they will be able to use their oracle account for applications which require proof of individuality on the Enumivo blockchain. A verified oracle account will grant you access to the UBI scheme when it is released.

The Eurno project will also be using the Enumivo oracle system to verify participants in their airdrop on the Enumivo main network.

What is the bounty?

The Enumivo oracle bounty is one which will reward users for their participation in the voting process which seeks to identify members of the Enumivo community who contribute to its growth. The way in which the bounty pool of 20,000 ENU will be distributed is through the voting process in the oracle app.

Each verified member is assigned 100 votes and they can use them as they wish. Each time they vote they are essentially vouching for the work of the person they vote on. The voting period lasts for 5 days from the time of this post.

How can you enter?

If you would like to enter the Enumivo oracle bounty you simply need to have an account on the forum and be verified on the Enumivo oracle system. Once you are verified on the oracle you will be able to go to the voting page and input the account names of the users you think should receive part of the bounty.

In order to receive votes yourself you will need to actively assist with the growth of the Enumivo project. This can be done in anyway you see fit. You will also need to assign a main net Enumivo account to your profile.

For further information please see the official notice on the Enumivo forum below.


Read the official announcement

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