Electroneum Instant Payment API

Electroneum Release Their Payment API

British based blockchain project Electroneum have announced a piece of news which will, no doubt, have been long anticipated by their ETN token holding community. The news they have announced is that their patented payment gateway API has now been released to the public and is currently being operated in a BETA mode.

The ETN payment API gateway allows vendors to accept payments in the ETN cryptocurrency in a manner which the Electroneum team claim is “easy”. In fact the official ETN press release regarding this matter goes on to state that implementing the new payment API is no more difficult than doing so for payment Goliaths such as Stripe or Paypal.

Generally speaking all web agencies which populate our lovely green planet understand how to implement an API system but very few actually understand blockchain technology. This is a barrier which is holding back many cryptocurrency based projects and, with the release of this news, it is hoped that Electroneum have paved the way to more vendors accepting more crypto coins.

The Electroneum team have stated that their API system will allow all vendors to instantly be informed of a transaction’s completion and assured of the fact that their payment will be delivered. This allows, for example, a burger bar to let its customers leave the premises while their burger is still hot without the risk of the payment being rejected by the blockchain after they have done so.

At present the Electroneum payment API is being integrated into one of Egypt’s largest payment vendors through the BETA version which has been operating for just over a week.

To add to their news of the release of their API the Electroneum team have also released instructions for implementation. This is available to anybody who may wish to use it and, according to the ETN team, there is a great deal of support via the ETN community pages.

If you would like to have a read of the implementation guide I have added a link just below this post.


Read The ETN Instant Payment API Guide

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