Electronero (ETNX) Have Taken Their Snapshot, Here’s What to do Next

Anyone who is a regular reader of this website will be well aware of the fact that a group of crypto enthusiasts and developers united to create an unofficial fork of the popular, but controversial, Cryptonite based blockchain, Electroneum.

The reason for creating this unofficial fork was simply due to the overwhelming feeling of the community that the Electroneum staff were putting more emphasis on advertising than on the technological advancements of their blockchain.

Anyway, those of you who do visit regularly will, no doubt, be aware that the ETNX token by Electronero was set to be distributed to all holders of ETN tokens at the time of the wallet balance snapshot, which was 9am GMT on 30th May 2018, and to claim their free ETNX tokens users would be required to import their ETN private key to the ETNX wallet, when it was/is released.

Due to the requirement of needing to import your private key there was a section of the cryptocurrency community which was skeptical, for obvious reasons, however, in reality there is a solution to claim your tokens which poses no risk to your ETN, whatsoever, and here it is.

Safely claim your ETNX

As mentioned, many people have rightly expressed concern at the security risk which is posed by importing their ETN private key to the ETNX wallet, well, if you are one of those people you will be pleased to know the simple solution: prior to importing your ETN private key to the ETNX wallet it is highly recommended that you withdraw any ETN to the Electroneum web wallet, or to an exchange which supports ETN.

By doing so you will be preventing there from being any funds to be stolen in your wallet (if there were any foul play at hand), from anyone who might be attempting it. Personally this is the approach I will be taking as, with crypto, you can never be too sure.

At present, as far as I am aware, there isn’t any news of the ETNX wallet being available although I am told it will not be long until it is released and will make an update to this article when it is. With that said, there currently is an exchange which is supporting the ETNX airdrop, Altex. If you had any ETN on the Altex exchange at the time of the snapshot you should be able to see your ETNX balance shortly.

If you wish to go to the Altex exchange to buy some ETNX early then you can do so on the link below. For those of you who wish to get some free ETNX you can still participate in their airdrop on the following link: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/crypto/airdrop-alerts/airdrop-alert-electronero-are-giving-50-etnx-for-participating/

Anyway, keep your eyes out and I will update this post with information regarding wallet release and mining pool release.


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