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Considering EOS Development? Try Enumivo at a Fraction of the Price


The founder of the growing blockchain Enumivo (a fork of EOS by Block.One), Aiden Pearce, has proposed what could become a very generous and exciting bounty. The bounty will seek to reward anybody who wishes to utilise the high performance and low cost nature of the Enumivo blockchain for their respective project.

Although the blockchain industry is still in its infancy it is one which is gaining in publicity and adoption with every day that passes. More and more developers are beginning to understand and appreciate the true benefits of using a distributed ledger delivery system over the traditional centralised ledger system which is currently employed by most tech based companies (I cannot provide an accurate figure but I think it is a fair presumption).

Two of the main hurdles for people investigating the possibility of implementing blockchain technology to their business ecosystem, and development environment, are the extremely unpredictable price fluctuations and the unpredictable outages which occasionally occur at times of high usage.

Due to the DPOS system and other contributing factors which are employed on the EOSIO software, it benefit’s from almost instant transactions with gas fees which are next to nothing (paid in RAM). It is this kind of functionality which has seen a number of developers flock to EOS to either begin or continue their dApp journey.

Enter Enumivo. As Enumivo is a fork of the software offered by Block.One it benefits from all the same technological capabilities. The difference? At the time of writing this post 1 single EOS (the native token on EOS) would cost you ~ $3.80 USD whereas 1 ENU (the native token on Enumivo) would cost you ~ $0.011 USD.

According to Igor Yalovoy of, the cost to deploy a dApp on EOS would cost you roughly 10,628 EOS tokens, which equates to $40,386.4 USD at the price above. Now, when you consider that the same functionality is offered by Enumivo, it should cost a similar number of ENU tokens as it does EOS tokens, right? That being the case, running the exact same app on Enumivo would cost you $116.908 USD at the price quoted above. That is 99.71% cheaper.

Another issue which affects the scope of projects which can be undertaken by budding developers is the fact that their project’s native token needs to be traded somewhere in order to provide liquidity, and an ability for new users to begin utilising their dApp. Listing fees within the cryptocurrency industry have become the new protection racket which drastically limit’s the reach of numerous exciting projects, through their inability to afford up to 45 BTC to simply be listed.

You may or may not know that listing a project on the popular crypto market aggregator, Coin Marketcap, can literally send thousands of people to any project it lists. The catch? You need to be listed on two exchanges which they support in their aggregator. Taking this into account it is quite expensive to, once again, get a listing for your project.

This is where the Enumivo developer’s bounty comes into play. The Enumivo blockchain has recently benefitted from the release of ‘Market Maker Contracts’. As you may guess from the name, the Market Maker Contracts are smart contracts which provide a Bancor-esque exchange of various tokens. At present the Market Maker Contracts have tradable pairs with ENU, BTC, ETH and other tokens from the Enumivo blockchain.

Aiden’s proposed bounty will see him provide an Enumivo Market Maker Contract to any serious projects which decide to choose the Enumivo blockchain and provide utility to their token. This means that someone who wishes to develop, for example, a distributed game can instantly provide liquidity for their game’s native token (to the discretion of Aiden).

The bounty also includes the creation of a Market Maker Shares Contract for your project, if it is selected. The Market Maker Shares Contracts are similar to the normal Market Maker Contracts (their operability is identical). The difference is in the fact that the Shares Contracts will return you shares in the Bancor style market for the coin you which you bought the shares of. This means that, if you released a coin call frank, you can buy frank shares and, when you divest, you will receive a proportional amount of the interest which that market has generated through its Market Maker Contract.

You might be asking why Aiden would go through this trouble. It’s simple, if people begin developing on the chain it will be getting more use and that is the overall goal of the project – get as many people on board and ready to receive their UBI.

If you are interested in the offer please do not hesitate to jump on the Telegram app and send a message to @aidenthefox. He is very active and will be looking forward to hearing from all serious inquiries. 


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