Coin Tiger List Enumivo

Enumivo is Now Listed on Coin Tiger


Popular China based cryptocurrency exchange, Coin Tiger, have announced that they have officially listed the main net Enumivo cryptocurrency on their platform, with pairs to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Enumivo token is traded under the ENU ticker and this listing marks a great step towards raising awareness about the project.

Prior to the Coin Tiger listing the main network ENU token was only tradable on fellow China based cryptocurrency exchange Kkex while the few remaining ERC20 based ENU tokens are tradable on decentralised exchanges such as EtherDelta and ForkDelta.

About Enumivo

The Enumivo project is one which forked the EOSIO software by Block.One and has been operating a fully functional blockchain since June 3rd 2018. Their ENU token was originally distributed as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, and was the first airdropped token which featured a self claim airdrop system which utilised an Ethereum based smart contract.

The project was devised as a means of providing ‘social justice on the blockchain’ and delivering a UBI dApp which will be released in March 2019. One of the main purposes of the token is also to provide would be EOS developers with the opportunity to utilised the same functionality as the blockchain from Block.One but at a significantly lesser cost.

At present the Enumivo project is governed by the United Foundation of Enumivo and their development team are working on fine tuning their KYC system called the Enumivo Oracle. Their Oracle system will provide the basis of recipients who receive UBI payments from the Enumivo dApp, when it is released.


Trade ENU on Coin Tiger

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