Airdrop Alert: Get 100 NOW Tokens from ChangeNOW


Review overview

Ease of Entry3
Financial Reward1.2
Aim of Project2
Use of Token1.4
Appearance of Project3.8


Overall there are a lot of barriers for entry and some grey areas regarding the people behind the company. The reward is generous however and their website is well made.

Already established and operating instant cryptocurrency exchange, ChangeNOW, are currently conducting an airdrop in order to assist with promoting their new cryptocurrency token. Their token is one which will be the driving force of their service and is one which is not going to be distributed through a public crowd sale.

While the ChangeNOW team currently have a number of airdrops which are active (see here) the one which I am focusing this post on is their most recent which is promoting the company’s brand new Android mobile application.

For participating in the airdrop you will be rewarded with 100 NOW tokens which are reportedly worth roughly $20 USD.

Mandatory Requirements

In order to enter this airdrop you will be required to complete a fair few tasks, one of which is download their mobile on the Android OS. As there are quite a few tasks I have put them into a list below.

Optional Extras

ChangeNOW are also offering an added reward option for all who wish to take them up on the offer. In order to receive additional tokens you need to refer people to their airdrop and request that those who you refer fill in your Telegram name when they are completing the Google doc above.

About ChangeNOW

As briefly mentioned above, the ChangeNOW platform is an instant cryptocurrency exchange which is already operational and has been for some time. Their platform allows users to convert accepted cryptocurrencies seamlessly while also offering the ability for their users to buy any of their selected cryptocurrencies for fiat cash with card payments.

Their service does not take control of anybodies funds nor do they require you to signup to their platform in order to use it. Something which is surprising for companies in the crypto space right now is the fact that they have an extremely good rating on TrustPilot.

The ChangeNOW token is one which, as with many crypto tokens, has started life on the Ethereum network and is preparing to move over to EOS in the not too distant future. The token is also planning on being listed in exchanges by December 2018.


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