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Brave Browser Releases Ad Rewards

You might remember my article a couple days ago regarding an impending update to Brave browser. The time has come and the team behind the project have made good on their ICO promises.

As you will remember, if you read my previous article, the privacy-centric browser plans to reward users for viewing ads. An announcement on their official website, made on the 24th April, informed the public that they have enabled their revenue sharing model on Windows, Mac OS and Linux based web browsers.

What Does This Mean?

Simply put, this means that users of the Brave browser will now be able to earn BAT tokens for viewing ads. It also means that advertisers who use the Brave platform will be certain that those viewing their ads are comfortable doing so.

This could be a game changer for the web as a whole since we all know the current ad model has been broken for some time. At present advertisers track users, even when they’re not viewing their website, and sell the data. This is not possible with Brave ads.

The Brave ads system is a privacy focused one which prevents advertisers from knowing who is viewing their ads. It also prevents them from tracking them by keeping all information within the Brave browser. If you have been using the Brave browser already, you will know that it blocks trackers by default.

What Are The Rewards?

At present users which allow adverts to be shown to them will receive 70% of the revenue they generate. This revenue will be distributed to them on a monthly basis, in BAT tokens. The current model will not allow users to spend their tokens. It will allow them to donate them back to publishers they value most. Users can give these tokens back via a monthly donation which they decide, or ‘tipping’ their favoured content creators.

The remaining 30% of revenue generated will be issued to Brave. In order to fund the project, I presume. In the future users will be able to use the tokens they earn to pay for premium content from publishers utilising the system.

Further down the line, users will be able to use their accumulated BAT tokens to pay for real-world items. At present the real-world items are listed as hotel stays, restaurant vouchers and brand gift cards on the TAP Network. Brave are also working on allowing users to withdraw their BAT tokens to be converted to fiat.

Love, peace and happiness.

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