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Brave Browser Preview’s Opt-In Advertising

On January 15th 2019, the talented people behind the revolutionary Brave web browser announced a preview of their opt-in advertising system. The preview is available for download in Brave’s developer channel and it allows users and developers alike to active the opt-in advertising system via the Brave Rewards section in the browser.

This current preview of the Brave opt-in advertising system does not offer BAT rewards for a user’s viewing of an advert nor does it charge publishers for advertising. Both of these functions are to be introduced in the “coming weeks”.

Who’s advertising?

At present the Brave team are proud to disclose that they are working with numerous ad vendors and brands which have shown an interest in their system.

The most notable companies included in the present preview of the system are BuySellAds, TAP Network, AirSwap, Fluidity, and Uphold. Although, a post by Maxence Cornet on Medium has disclosed that the list of publishers also includes the video streaming service Vimeo and web shopping reward network Lolli.

How will Brave ads be displayed?

The Brave ad system intends to be one which forces privacy by default as well as being entirely non-intrusive to any user’s browsing experience.

In order to do so the Brave browser will calculate a time which is convenient to each user before showing them a small notification of a verified ad from one of the Brave publishers. Should a user decide to click on the notification they will be sent to a private ad tab which presents them with a full page advert.

The way in which Brave keeps a user’s data private is by conducting all calculations regarding their attention within the browser on their device. This means the data is never shared with anyone, not even Brave themselves.

How much will you be rewarded?

The current information from Brave indicates they will be generously offering 70% of the gross profit made by their ad system to all users who opt in to be presented with advertisements.

Initially the user’s BAT which is earned will be able to be used to tip their favoured publishers or to pay for premium content where applicable. Eventually the Brave team intend to allow users to withdraw the BAT they earn for their own personal use. BAT rewards will be distributed at the end of each month.

For more information read the official brave press release:


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