Bounty Beacon: Skraps (SKRP)

Here we have another example of a bounty program which has been listed as an airdrop elsewhere. The Skraps distribution will reward you with SKRP tokens for participating in assisting with promotion of their social channels. To enter the bounty program you need to have an Altcoins Talks account (click here to register) and you need to complete at least two of the tasks which have been listed in the official bounty thread linked below.

The Skraps company have got an interesting idea which is to allow users of their crypto/debit card to put all their scraps of crypto and fiat currencies into crypto investments. This is an interesting idea as we all have some useless crypto laying about which isn’t trading as we would spend more than we received in gas/fees. How well geared the company are for rolling out their plans is something I am unaware of but it could prove worthwhile.

This is one which I haven’ personally entered due to the requirements but if you wish to the link for it is below, make sure you signup to Altcoins Talks first.

Click here to join the Skraps bounty

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