Bounty Beacon: Passive Token (PAT)

New crypto startup Passive Token have announced via Bitcoin Talk that they are conducting a bounty which is simple enough to enter. All you have to do to receive 100 tokens is join their Telegram, follow their Twitter, retweet their tweet and message their dev on Telegram.

As is the case with many of these newly created tokens, the distribution has been labelled as an airdrop elsewhere however, it requires too many tasks to be considered an airdrop in my opinion.

The idea behind the cryptocurrency is a good one which I actually would like to see come to fruition, they want to create a token which can see the holder earning 365% interest per year and essentially earn them a passive income, hence the name.

How likely the project is to actually materialise is anybodies guess though. Whatever the case, it’s pretty simple to enter and it could end up being something of substance. Join below.

Click here to go to Bitcoin Talk announcement page

Click here to go straight to their Telegram

Click here to go straight to their Twitter

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