Bounty Beacon: AI Crypto Have Numerous Opportunities to Earn Free Crypto


Review overview

Ease of Entry5
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project5
Use of Token5


I have given this a 5 as there are many unknowns about the bounty, it could end up being worthwhile but I have limited information.

As you have probably gathered after reading the title, crypto startup AI Crypto are currently taking registrations for their bounty program which will allow you to earn AIC tokens for completing some social tasks. As with all the bounty programs, the tasks are mostly centred around social interactions and provide you with many opportunities to earn crypto. At this moment in time I do not know what the maximum total you can earn is in either crypto or fiat cash.

The AI Crypto company are planning on creating a blockchain based AI marketplace and ecosystem. As with many of the AI companies being released on blockchain technology the AI Crypto team wish to utilise the processing power of mining networks to assist their AI with learning various skills. They wish for their AI system to be able to complete image analysis, assist self driving cars and help with voice recognition software, and more.

As always, I have no clue what will happen with the company or if the coins will be worth anything, whatever the case signup below.

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