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Bitcoin Lightning Network is Now on Your Apple Watch

Bitcoin wallet developers, BlueWallet, have announced the release of an exciting new wallet app for the Apple Watch. The app, as you might expect, is a BTC wallet, and more. The wallet app which they have released allows users to pay with BTC using nothing more than their Apple Watch.

As an additional feature the wallet app, which has been released by BlueWallet, will allow users to tap into the Bitcoin Lightning Network in order to receive instant confirmation for their transactions.

Another additional feature of the wallet app is the ability to create Lightning invoices and receive a direct confirmation when it has been paid.

This news will, no doubt, come as an exciting advancement for holders of that also own a smart watch from Apple. It further advances the use cases of BTC and, according to the wallet’s developers, keeps their crypto safe.

According to CoinRivet the process of using the wallet simple enough. It requires a user set’s up a lightning wallet within the app. Once that has been completed you can create invoices with a name and amount, in satoshis. After creating an invoice the app will present a QR code that will receive, and confirm, the transaction over the Lightning Network.

This release comes after a long list of improvements to the Bitcoin protocol. This is includes the Lapp directory (which lists active Lightning apps) and the service (which allows users to send BTC to any mobile number).

As the world’s first Lightning enabled smart watch app/wallet this release marks a huge milestone for the BlueWallet team. I would expect it to further propel their product.

If you would like to read more information from the BlueWallet team you can find everything you need on their homepage, on the link below.

Go to the BlueWallet homepage

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