BioCrypt Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: BioCrypt Have Opened Their First Round of Airdrop


Review overview

Ease of Entry9.5
Financial Reward4.8
Aim of Project6.3
Use of Token3.8
Appearance of Project5


Overall an above average airdrop which is not too hard to enter.

Blockchain based North American company BioCrypt are currently taking registrations for their first round of airdrops which will see roughly 71m of their 500m airdrop allocation being distributed. The tokens are to be distributed in a way which equally rewards all those who register before the September 15th deadline with the same amount of tokens.

The BioCrypt team are also planning on distributing a portion of their airdrop allocation to all holders of Dragonchain’s DRGN tokens based on their DSS (days of slumber score). For those who do not know, holding on to your DRGN tokens provides you with a DSS score which is dependant on how long you have been holding your tokens for. The DSS bonus is as follows:

DSS PercentileBioCrypto Bonus
1 – 910%
10 – 1920%
20 – 2930%
30 – 3940%
40 – 4950%
50 – 5960%
60 – 6970%
70 – 7980%
80 – 8990%
90 – 100100%

Mandatory Requirements

In order to enter this airdrop you simply need to register on the BioCrypt website and join their Telegram group. Once in the group you will see a button from their bot which reads “I’m not a bot”, click that and, if all went well, you should get a notification from Telegram which reads “Accepted”. Once that is all completed you’re all set.

If you are a holder of DRGN tokens you will also be presented with a field which asks for your DRGN holding wallet’s address. You can have this set as a different wallet to your airdrop one so there is no need to be moving your DRGN tokens.

The registration process does not require any private information, it simply asks your two wallet addresses, Telegram username and email address.

About BioCrypt

As briefly touched upon above, BioCrypt are a fully incorporated company which is registered in the state of New York, USA. Their plan is to create a network of information which utilises blockchain technology to allow people to freely access all their important personal information, and finances, wherever they are.

They plan to create a device which acts as your all in one chip to the world and can be integrated into smart locks, computer entry systems, banks and shops etc. Should their project work it would pave the way for a scarily “Black Mirror” styled society.

You can enter the airdrop on the link below.


Join the BioCrypt airdrop

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