Axel Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Axel are Dropping up to $26 in Tokens


Review overview

Ease of Entry10
Financial Reward6
Aim of Project7
Use of Token3.5
Appearance of Project6.6


A decent looking project with an actual product and goal. Definitely looks like one of the better airdrops.

Longstanding USA based company Axel have announced the details of their free cryptocurrency airdrop which will generously give each participant with up to 1,300 AXEL tokens, which the company are valuing at $0.02 each. As you can calculate yourself, this puts the value of this airdrop healthily at roughly the $26 USD mark.

The tokens are being distributed to anybody who wishes to enter their airdrop which has a number of optional extras. The base rate for joining the Axel airdrop is 500 AXEL tokens (worth roughly $10 USD) and is extremely simple to enter.

Mandatory Requirements (500 AXEL Tokens)

The only requirement of this airdrop which is considered to be mandatory is actually joining it. In order to do so you need to submit your email address and ETH wallet address to the Axel team through their airdrop form. Once you have done so you will need to confirm your email address by clicking a link in their confirmation email.

Once you have completed the task you will be informed of the fact that you are in line to receive 500 AXEL tokens and presented with options for you to earn more.

Optional Extras (Up To 800 AXEL Tokens)

The optional extras which are available to all airdrop participants offer the opportunity to earn a further 800 AXEL tokens worth roughly $18 USD. The tasks which are presented offer different rewards so I have put them into a table below.

Like Facebook100 AXEL ($2)
Follow Twitter100 AXEL ($2)
Sub Reddit100 AXEL ($2)
Download App500 AXEL ($10)

Axel are also offering 500 AXEL tokens ($10 USD) for each person you refer to their airdrop. In order for you to receive your referral bonus users need to input your referral code when applying for the drop and then need to complete at least two of the optional extras listed above, or download the Axel app.

About Axel

The Axel company started in 2012 as a crowd funded project on Indie Go-Go called CloudLocker which was seeking to create a physical cloud storage device which did not require users to actually upload their data and provided a level of privacy.

The next step in their evolution was to create a system which allowed users to complete the same task without the physical hardware, this was called StoAmigo.

Since advancing to the StoAmigo brand the company has gone for a complete rebrand/overhaul and are now implementing blockchain technology to provide seamless multi-device cloud storage for their users using blockchain technology. Their use of their own multi layered blockchain seeks to prevent data hacks which expose users’ data while providing privacy without anonymity.


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