Airdrop Alert: Superbloom are Giving 10 SEED Tokens to Members of Their Telegram


Review overview

Ease of Entry8.7
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project6.3
Use of Token5.8


Overall the project is worth entering as it is so easy. The project's idea isn't unique but it could prove to be worthwhile.

Self proclaimed crypto portfolio experts, Superbloom, have been taking registrations for their airdrop which will reward all followers of their Telegram channel with 10 SEED tokens. To enter the airdrop simply click the link below and join the Telegram channel, which is linked in the page you will be directed to, then fill in the form on the page. There are currently no referral bonuses that I am aware of and I also have no way of knowing how much the tokens will be worth.

As briefly mentioned, the Superbloom project is related to cryptocurrency portfolios and aims to streamline the investing process for crypto fans. They are aiming to create a platform which allows its users to buy, sell, trade and receive crypto airdrops all in the same place. As you may well know, the all in one crypto portfolio hub is not a unique idea but it is one with a lot of interest at the moment.

As mentioned, I have no way of knowing the monetary value of the tokens so signup and wait to find out!

Join the Superbloom airdrop

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