Airdrop Alert: Moneda are Giving up to 75 Tokens for Entry


Review overview

Ease of Entry5
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project7.6
Use of Token6.6


As I do not know the monetary value of the tokens it is hard to assess the financial reward. I would say the process to signup is slightly tedious but it could prove to be worthwhile.

Mobile based crypto investment startup, Moneda, are currently taking registrations for their airdrop distribution which will see all participants receive up to 75 tokens depending on their level of activity. The absolute base rate of the airdrop is 60 tokens for a follow on Twitter and Telegram, and signing up to their website. If you complete further tasks such as post a tweet and sub their Reddit, you can earn extra tokens. You will also be able to earn further tokens if you refer people to their airdrop.

The Moneda company, as mentioned, want to bring cryptocurrency to the world of mobile users by providing a platform which will allow them to invest in crypto from their handset. They are also planning on releasing a cryptocurrency credit card which will allow their supporters to pay for real world items with their crypto.

To enter the airdrop you need to visit their website on the link below and signup/verify your email. Once you have done so visit back to the website and click the airdrop button in the bottom right corner and follow the instructions.

Join the Moneda airdrop

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