Airdrop Alert: Iconiq Lab are Giving up to $10 in Tokens


Review overview

Ease of Entry6.1
Financial Reward8.5
Aim of Project7
Use of Token7.3


Overall this is a pretty good drop to enter. If the team deliver I do not see why this will not be worth what they suggest it is.

Germany based venture capital club and ICO accelerator, Iconiq Lab, have announced the details of their generous airdrop program. The drop is set to reward all participants with up to $10 of ICNQ tokens, depending on the order in which they enter. The first 10k people will receive $10, the next 20k will receive $5.

To enter the airdrop you need to complete a few social tasks as always. The tasks you need to complete are joining Telegram & Twitter, making a retweet, and join their Reddit.

As briefly mentioned the Iconiq Lab are planning on bringing a venture capital club and ICO accelerator program to market and are based in Germany. The website and company both professional which gives me confidence in the drop.

As always I have no way of knowing what will actually happen but join below.

Join the Iconiq Lab airdrop

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