Airdrop Alert: Eviot are Giving $8 Worth of Tokens to all Participants


Internet of Things development company, Eviot, are currently taking registrations for their impending airdrop which will see every member of their Telegram channel receive 10 EVIOT tokens each. As a means of allowing people to earn more tokens, and further grown their Telegram channel, Eviot are also offering a further 6 tokens for each person who you refer to their platform.

At present the company has a great scarcity of information on their website although their site does say that they are developing the main site. From the information which is provided I am able to decipher that the company wishes to assist with the securing of home appliances from hackers. As the IoT technology grows in popularity so will harmful attacks and this is a field which needs addressing, after all, no one wants their cooker to suddenly start behaving maliciously, do they?

As mentioned, the airdrop is extremely easy to enter and all you need to do is fill a simple form and join a Telegram channel. Currently the company are valuing their tokens at $0.80 USD which makes the drop worth $8 and each referral worth $6.

Anyway, have a look and signup below!

Join the Eviot airdrop

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