Enumivo airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Enumivo (ENU) (CLOSED)


This is a new type of airdrop for me and the first time I have participated in one in this manner but hey, if it works it works. Basically, Enumivo is a cryptocurrency which is in its extreme infancy (literally all that is available regarding their plan is the smart contract and information regarding the airdrop) but is conducting a free airdrop.

To participate in this airdrop you need to send 0 (yes zero) eth to their smart contract and then you will automatically receive your tokens. The initial number of tokens received was 4,000, however the number of tokens decreases by .001%. The airdrop will continue until the token distribution has reached its limit of 900,000,000, leaving 10% of the token’s total supply to be held for development.

The token itself is an alternative to the impending EOS blockchain which is labelled as an ‘Ethereum killer’ by many, but has already seen its value rise to over $14 USD. The creator of the token has said that it was created as a means of allowing people to enter the EOS platform at a low cost.

So far the roadmap for this token is only lays out the information that it is free to acquire and, when the EOS chain goes live, there will be a 1:1 swap of tokens conducted by the dev team.

Other than gas costs (at the moment it is roughly $0.05 USD) there is no cost for the tokens so, it could be a very lucrative airdrop depending how the developer handles the rest of the project.

Anyway join below!


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