Airdrop Alert: Earn up to $64 USD with HODLit


Review overview

Ease of Entry1.6
Financial Reward9.3
Aim of Project8.4
Use of Token8.5


While the entry method is unquestionably long winded the reward which is quoted is generous.

Regular readers will remember the original HODLit airdrop which rewarded Ethereum holders for holding their Ethereum over a set amount of time. Well, HODLit are back with what they hope will be an easier to enter airdrop which will gain them a wider pool of token holders.

Their latest airdrop will distribute 10 million tokens to the Ethereum community for free by using a self claiming airdrop website. Their website requires you follow a couple Twitter accounts, join the HODLit Telegram and make a retweet. In return for your actions you will be rewarded with up to $64 USD of HODLit tokens.

They are also offering rewards for referrals to the airdrop which makes this one which could become pretty lucrative.

The HODLit company wish to create a stable coin on the Ethereum network. They aim to use the incentivised proof of HODL concept they have developed to encourage users to hold their crypto through a dip and receive a financial reward.

To claim the airdrop is quite difficult due to the method in which it is being conducted and the poor response of the website, however, the airdrop is one which will allow you to claim your tokens instantly. To claim your tokens you will need to interact with the HODLit contract and, most likely, retry a number of times (I did). When you have completed the tasks, and managed to get the dApp to verify them, you will need to put your Ether address in the box at the bottom and press enter – this will begin the process and provide you with the information to feed the smart contract via the ABI.

After you have been presented with the information you need to head over to My Ether Wallet and input the contract ABI/address then select claim from the drop down and fill in the information, then press submit. You will then need to unlock your wallet, something I recommend Meta Mask for.

Anyway, if you do enter the airdrop enjoy. Happiness.

Join the HODLit airdrop

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