BUZZEX Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Buzzex are Giving $10 USD for Signup


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Ease of Entry
Financial Reward3.4
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An airdrop which is easy enough to enter but the lack of uniqueness regarding the plan of the company and confusion around the airdrop entry makes it a little less desirable.

Newly announced cryptocurrency exchange, Buzzex, have released information regarding their airdrop program. The airdrop is set to see 100,000 people receive 100 tokens each. The tokens, according to Buzzex, will be worth roughly $10 at their ICO price of $0.10 each.

There is a small amount of conflicting information from the company so I would advise people to stick to the 100 token drop which is announced on their website as a large number of airdrop posts on Bitcointalk are spammers looking for your persona information.

Mandatory Requirements

In order to join the airdrop all you need to do (according to their website) is register for an account at and confirm your email address. Once you have done so you will see 100 tokens in your account, although their status will be ‘pending‘.

Optional Extras

The Bitcointalk posts describes a number of optional extras but I am not sure on their legitimacy, if you would like to investigate it for yourself you can do so here:

About Buzzex

As mentioned, Buzzex is proposing to create a new cryptocurrency exchange which will reward its tokens holders by giving them a discount on trading fees and providing a masternode reward service. Personally I am not sure if this will be carried out or abandoned as, as you will already know, the exchange market is heavily saturated and, in my opinion, the future of crypto exchanges in in decentralised ones.

As always, signup on the link below and enjoy.


Join the Buzzex airdrop

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