Airdrop Alert: Bread Wallet are Giving 10 BRD to Anyone who Enters


Review overview

Ease of Entry4.7
Financial Reward7.5
Aim of Project8.6
Use of Token7.3


Overall it could be a very worthwhile airdrop although entry is a bit of a long one. The financial reward is enough to buy a Big Mac meal which is pretty generous.

Popular cryptocurrency wallet providers, Bread Wallet, are currently celebrating the announcement that they will be adding ERC20 functionality to their mobile wallet by distributing an airdrop for free to all Bread wallet owners. To enter the wallet you need to join a couple Telegram and Twitters and verify that you have downloaded the Bread wallet app by inputting your user ID.

As mentioned, the Bread wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet which is available on mobile devices using the Android OS or Apple IOS operating system, and is preparing to allow the storing of ERC20 compliant Ethereum tokens in its mobile app. The wallet providers have managed to avoid any bad press since their inception and are going from strength to strength.

Currently the airdrop of 10 BRD tokens will equate to roughly $6 USD (CMC lists BRD tokens at $0.60) however, if the full 10,000 spots are filled, there is a possibility for everyone entered to get 12 tokens worth $7.20 (roughly).

All information you need to join is on the link below so signup and enjoy.

Join the Bread wallet airdrop

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