Airdrop Alert: BitRewards are Dropping $10 of Tokens to Participants


Review overview

Ease of Entry6.5
Financial Reward8.5
Aim of Project6.5
Use of Token6


A financially rewarding airdrop which is easy enough to enter.

Bit Rewards have announced the details of their generous airdrop program which will reward all participants with $10 USD worth of tokens. To enter the airdrop all you need to do is follow 4 social accounts and fill out a form. As mentioned, for your efforts you will be rewarded with 640 BIT tokens which is worth $10. You will also receive a further 320 BIT tokens for every referral to the platform you make.

The Bit Rewards project is another loyalty rewards based cryptocurrency which aims to provide shoppers/consumers with a unified rewards system in an attempt to combat the useless rewards points system currently in place globally. As always, I have no way of know what the craic is with the company but signup is easy enough. Signup below and enjoy.

Join the Bit Rewards airdrop

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