Twist Network Lead Developer to ‘Continue Development’


The recent crypto winter has taken many victims during its recent chill. Projects have been disappearing left, right and centre, and the Twist Network was thought to be one of those which did not make it through.

The last update on the project’s official blog was released in September 2018 while the most recent Tweet on their Twitter profile was made back in November 2018. The topic of the Twist team’s most recent update (via Twitter) was to announce their prospective roadmap for 2019.

In the mentioned roadmap they state that a majorly anticipated feature of their protocol, Twist Nodes, was due to be released by the end of “Q1 2019”. It also explains that registration for Twist Nodes was set to begin during November 2018.

Needless to say, the milestone was never met and the Twist Network’s node system failed to ever see the light of day.

Since the mentioned announcement the Twist team may as well have been in an anechoic chamber. They have failed to update their community on their status regarding the project and their official website has experienced numerous periods of intermittent downtime.

On top of the above, the Twist token was crippled by the 2019 Cryptopia hack which resulted in the death of the New Zealand based exchange.

Cryptopia was the only exchange which listed the token and its demise has lead to the Twist token being removed from cryptocurrency tracker

The one glimmering ray of hope held by the community has been the fact that the staking rewards of the Twist wallet have continued to be distributed. This means that the blockchain is, in fact, still active and valid.

A New Ray of Hope?

On Friday 31st June 2019, the Twist community were offered a new opportunity to believe there is still hope in the project’s revival. This came in the form of an email to the CEO of

The email was in reply to a query regarding the status of the project and it was from the lead developer of Twist Network. In his reply he acknowledged the fact that the project was close to abandonment before stating that there was “hope” for it.

He then continues to explain that the team are working on getting Twist listed on new exchanges while continuing development on the Twist node system, as well as making a new roadmap.

The update is concluded by stating that “work is being done” and that the community can expect to see some “activity” in the near future.

However, whether or not the Twist team will deliver on the promise of a new roadmap and exchange listings is anybody’s guess. We will have to wait and see.

Twist Update

Love, peace and happiness.