Enjin to Release Minecraft Plugin

Enjin to Release Minecraft Plugin to Integrate Blockchain

Following the release of the Java software development kit (SDK) on May 14th 2019, blockchain based gaming platform, Enjin, have announced their plans for a plugin that integrates blockchain to the hugely popular Minecraft game.

The focus of their plugin is to allow Minecraft gamers to easily add the Enjin Network to their Minecraft server. By doing so they will be able to use the tokenised system offered by Enjin. Said tokenised system uses the Ethereum blockchain to transfer, create and withdraw in game items using the non fungible token (NFT) ERC721 standard.

Enjin’s Minecraft plugin will also enable users to take advantage of the new token standard ERC1155. The ERC1155 standard was created by Enjin and allows users to send multiple tokens, with different standards, in one transaction. For example, you would be able to send multiple ERC20 and ERC721 tokens to another account at the same time.

Enjin are also planning on releasing their own server, or universe, in the Minecraft multiverse. Co-founder and CTO of Enjin, Witek Radomski, told Coin Rivet the following:

“One thing we’re working on now is actually the Minecraft launch. The Minecraft anniversary is coming up here in just a few days, and we are going to be launching a public server that uses our Enjin Coin platform.”

He also added:

“We’re going to release our Minecraft plugin to the public, and that means any Minecraft server can now integrate blockchain”

Release of The Enjin Minecraft Server

The Minecraft game is one which allows its users to create their own universes by spinning up servers. It also allows users to begin their own world within a preexisting universe. It requires gamers to use their imagination in order to build items, buildings and pretty much anything else by following the rules of the universe they are in.

The Enjin team plans on releasing their own server which will be the beginning of their universe. Within their universe players will be able to take on quests, enter competitions and discover hidden items. The main point of focus which differentiates the Enjin universe from others is the implementation of the Enjin network.

By implementing the Enjin network they plan for their universe to allow users to acquire rewards which are transferrable for real crypto tokens. This unique system means gamers in the Enjin universe may well be able to receive real world rewards for playing games.

When asked about the Enjin universe Witek went on record to say the following:

“There’s going to be some Multiverse items hidden in the world as well, so players can discover some chests and figure out how to unlock them…. We’re building out this Minecraft server with a cool little medieval world. It’s really exciting, and it’s going to be the first example of Minecraft that we’re going to put out there.”

As you can imagine, this release has huge potential. Minecraft is currently one of the leading online gaming communities with a user base measured significantly in the millions.

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