If you enjoy our website and wish to contribute to the running costs of Something Decent then we would like to graciously invite you to donate to us using one of our preferred cryptocurrencies. Currently we are only accepting Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens), Enumivo (ENU), EOS, Telos (TLOS) and Onions (Deep Onion).

If you haven’t got any crypto and need an entry point the easiest way of buying some is by visiting Coinbase on the link below (we have used a referral link, we hope you don’t mind):

Click here to go to Coinbase

Once you have bought some crypto please use the following addresses to donate to us:

Bitcoin (BTC) Address: 3LWRvuikxP9uMZh5Ce9xi6hkbcFzTekrku

Ethereum (and ERC20 token) Address: summitdecent.eth

ENU (Enumivo) Address: summitdecent

EOS (EOS.IO) Address: summitdecent

TLOS (Telos) Address: summitdecent

Onion (Deep Onion) Address: DpvEZ8m8mUz68NCwJz5MPEL9rLa3SmjSrD

If you decide to donate to us we would like to thank you in advance and inform you that your donation is greatly appreciated. Any excess received will go towards promoting our website and bringing you even more great content!