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Introducing Deep Onion: Your Anonymity Guaranteed

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In an attempt to buck the trend of all these Ethereum based tokens, which may or may not be of any real world value, I’ve decided to get back to introducing a crypto company with a solid plan, roadmap, and use: Deep Onion.

As mentioned in the title, the focal selling point of the Deep Onion currency is the fact that it is entirely anonymous which makes the blockchain, and wallets, a hell of a lot harder to hack, while keeping everyone safe from prying eyes (network surveillance).

The ingenious way in which the Deep Onion network achieves its impressive point of sale is by utilising the TOR network – An online network which is focused entirely on anonymity and privacy, although it is mostly known for its use within the criminal underworld.


Although the TOR network has received mostly bad press in the mainstream media, Deep Onion are going someway to proving that there are actually real world uses for the network, which are not focused on illegal activity.

To add to their crypto currency Deep Onion are also working on creating and implementing a number of other anonymous technologies such as the DeepVault: a file verification system which enables a user to identify whether a file has been corrupted or changed by using a hashing verification system.

They will also be implementing their innovative technology, DeepSend: a truly anonymous transaction system which utilises a multi signature system originally created by SuperCoin.

On top of the promised improved level of anonymity and file verification system, Deep Onion also allow for end to end encrypted messaging and boast’s much faster confirmation times than the original Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies.

After reading all about what Deep Onion plan’s on accomplishing, and what it’s real world use is, you’re probably wondering how you can grab yourself some Onions (what the currency is called). Well, this is the tricky part, as it is a community based company the only way to currently acquire a couple Onions for yourself is by either joining the airdrop, mining via their wallet or by hoping someone sells some on NovaExchange.

Currently the Airdrop is only open to members of the BitcoinTalk.org forum who have a ranking of at least Junior Member, make ten posts a week with at least 50 characters per post, put the Deep Onion code in their signature, sign up to the Deep Onion forum, and generally just keep the quality of the interaction on the forum to a high standard.


  • TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY: 25m after 10 years
  • AIRDROP RUNTIME: 27 Weeks left as of this post
  • DEEP ONION WEBSITE: DeepOnion.org

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.

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