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Why I’m Running Airdrops From my Own Crypto Funds & Pushing Deep Onion

Deep Onion Airdrop

Many of you will already be aware of my own personal airdrops where I distribute my hard earned crypto, for free, to followers of my Twitter account (@DaFingIs). If not get on over to Twitter and follow me!

Anyway, this is the first time I have taken to my beloved Something Decent to post about these airdrops in an attempt to gain a larger audience and possibly raise awareness of the reasons which fuel these cryptolicious giveaways.

To put it into laymen’s terms, a while ago I decided to start dropping crypto, for free, to my Twitter following as I saw it as a way to raise awareness of the fact that anyone can own crypto with very little effort, and with no financial input.

With all the FUD (fear uncertainty or doubt) which is continuously spread about the cryptoverse by the bourgeois I feel that mass adoption of blockchain technology is being halted until those who already have the majority of the world’s wealth also hold the majority of the wealth to be

But What’s The Relevance?

Put simply, the likes of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs do not want you to be aware of the power of the blockchain until they have a significant enough portion of the value to be acquired. I mean, why would the wealthy people in this world want, for example, Indian sweat-shop workers who earn £9 a week to acquire enough wealth to quit working and buy a house?

If that were to happen on a larger scale companies like Nike would be out of a workforce and their CEO’s wouldn’t be able to buy their yachts for their drug addled parties with £50k bottles of champagne. This is not what the current elite want.

I mean, why would they? Why would the 1% want the 99% to gain financial control of their lives? If that were to happen the 1% would no longer be able to suppress us all in the way they do. No more would we all be dependent on Johnny Big Balls’ pitiful salary which barely covers the basic cost of living. No more would the ability to buy a house be nothing more than a fantasised pipe dream for the majority of us.

This is why I run my airdrops. To raise awareness, to inspire the masses to research about crypto, to educate all that I can about the potential to control their own future.

Why The Onions!?

This brings me onto my selection of prize for my current giveaway: 1 Onion. For those who do not know Onions are the currency distributed by anonymous crypto company Deep Onion. Whats the relevance you ask? Let me explain.

Deep Onion are currently in their free distribution stage where they are attempting to spread as many Onions as possible to anyone who wishes to participate in their distribution phase. Why do they wish to freely distribute? It’s simple, to spread the wealth to as many people as possible and give themselves the best possible opportunity of disrupting the current order of the world.

As a company who operate over the TOR network they ensure the maximum possible level of anonymity to their users, something which is essential in countries which are under communist rule. To add to their currency they also allow for a secure and anonymous document sharing service and file sharing service. All of which are pivotal to breaking the current trend in the economical world.

If Deep Onion succeed with their plan there will be a new level of wealth which is created and the wealthy people who have taken advantage of Deep Onion at ground zero will not be accountable to anybody. You’d be free to travel where you wish and spend whatever you want without having to line the pockets of Johnny Big Balls & Co.

That is why I run these airdrops and that is why I am encouraging you all to go out and do your research. Especially into Deep Onion. Together we can change the world and bring the power back to human beings instead of soulless, status seeking company executives.

Visit the Deep Onion website

Trade Deep Onion on Cryptopia

Trade Deep Onion on Kucoin

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.

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