Airdrop Alert: Solar Bankers are Giving 3 SLB to Celebrate their new Wallet


Review overview

Ease of Entry5.6
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project6.1
Use of Token6.1


The aim of the project is a noble one but it is not unique and the financial value of the reward is unknown.

Blockchain based renewable energy purveyors, Solar Bankers, are currently taking registrations for their Airdrop distribution as a means of celebrating the release of their new wallet. As a reward for all those who wish to enter the airdrop, the Solar Bankers company will be issuing all those who participate with 3 SLB coins for free.

To enter the airdrop you simply need to go to their website, download their new wallet, join their Telegram and then paste you public wallet address in their Telegram group. Once you have done all the steps you simply need to sit back and wait for distribution.

The Solar Bankers company are one which wishes to aid the development of a greener planet by facilitating the easy trading of renewable energy for the masses, by using blockchain technology. They plan on creating a green energy marketplace which is verifiable by their blockchain.

As always, be sure to signup below, I have run the wallet through Sophos virus scanner and it came up clean. Happiness.

Join the Solar Bankers airdrop

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