Airdrop Alert: Privcy are Conducting 20 Rounds of Airdrops


Review overview

Ease of Entry5.9
Financial Reward5
Aim of Project8.4
Use of Token8.6


I do not know the value of the drops so have to give a 5. I do believe there is a use for the project and have said before that one privacy oriented coin will rule them all. I have no clue which one it will be though.

Newly introduced cryptocurrency startup, Privcy, are currently taking registrations for their inaugural airdrop distribution. The company are intending on conducting 20 rounds of airdrops, which will distribute over 50% of the total supply of their coin.

As the airdrop is set to be one which is due to last the majority of the remainder of the year the way in which you enter seems to be very similar to that of Deep Onion. You will be required to have been a member on the popular Bitcointalk forum since before June 1st 2018, you will need to display a signature on your Bitcointalk account which is an official one from the Privcy team, you will need to make at least 5 worthy posts each week, you’ll also need to follow the Privcy Twitter account and download their wallet.

Once you have displayed their signature, followed their Twitter and got yourself a wallet address you will be required to register for the airdrop using their Discord bot. The posts which you make on Bitcointalk each week can be in any of the forums they just need to be unique and not spam.

The Privcy coin is one which, similar to Deep Onion, is focused on using the TOR network to provide its users with true anonymity while they are using cryptocurrencies. They currently implement the stealth address technology and are already listed on a exchange. Their coin is mineable using the popular x-13 algorithm.

As always, I have no way of knowing the value of their airdrop but it is one which will be ongoing for a while so it could end up being lucrative. As always signup below.


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